Mobile Fortress Saratoga

~Silvery Sword Princess Became My Servant.

機動城砦サラトガ ~銀嶺の剣姫がボクの下僕になりました。

Author: 円城寺正市

In the country of the Desert, Escalis Mimir, people lives in Mobile Fotresses Cities.
In order to save his kidnapped stepsister, Nanashi, a boy from the scorned People of the Desert called bugs, infiltred the Fortress City Saratoga alone.
There, by chance, he saved the life of the Silvery Sword Princess famed to be the strongest of this era. Taking advantage of this, he made her serve him by becoming her master.
The Strongest Sword Princess. Becoming her master, the boy is dragged in the power disputes of the Fortress City.

Translator: Rinvelt
Editor: MystiKnight

Volume 1 – Thus, the Sword Princes became my servant.

Chapter 1 – Come with all your strength.
Chapter 2 – Well, what shall I do now…?
Chapter 3 – If it’s about the color of my panties, it’s white.
Chapter 4 – Pretty
Chapter 5 – You, because you seem somewhat erotic, no.