Oreo Tensei

Oreo Tensei!


Author: 出井愛

The legendary tale of Oreo.

Chapter 1 – Oreo
Chapter 2 – Reincarnation
Chapter 3 – Human Oreo Project

7 Responses to Oreo Tensei

  1. sliding touch says:

    Lol author might be drunk or serious craving when this novel idea popped up.


  2. Cite says:

    This… Author is a genius. I wish there were more like this.


  3. Hidden Person says:

    Praise the Oreo.
    For legend, has it that the chosen one will be dyed in milk, and bring upon us an age of prosperity and progress. The centers of Oreo will always be incandescent in their glory, and eternally shall they spin.


  4. Rhypnic says:

    This novel has the same charm…like invisible ….what?


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