Reader and MC

The Reader (Me), The Protagonist (Her) And Their After



Author: Saginomiya Misaki
Illustrator: Hiten

Quick self-made synopsis:
Hosono Akira loves the novel “14 Years Old” and its protagonist Tokiko.
On the day he enters high school, a girl named Hiiragi Tokiko appears, and she’s just like Tokiko.
This is the story about the impossible meeting between the Reader and the Protagonist.

Chapter 1 – Me I’m Not
Chapter 2 – I Want to Keep Touching You
Chapter 3 – Tokiko, Nishiogi Vibes
Chapter 4 – The Donkey, The King, And Me
Chapter 5 – Discourse on Decadence
Chapter 6 – Being With You in This Irritating Place


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