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Started a new project, but already droped it

Hey, how’s your summer? Not too hot? I decided to start to translate a WN I found by chance, but unfortunately while the plot doesn’t seem bad, the author is a rather poor writer. So while it can somehow, barely … Continue reading

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Reader and MC – Kakuyomu After Story

Hi there, been a while, huh? Unfortunately, still no final version because editor is still in exams hell. He did Chapter 2, though, so I changed it. Now, back to this surprise release. I found by chance that the author … Continue reading

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50% done

Hi, people! If a few of you actually come to look at the progression of the translation, you should have seen that I wasn’t dead. And now, I finally reached the 50% mark. Took me around two months and half. … Continue reading

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I passed the N1

Yahoooooooooo! So yeah, I passed the N1, and I was so happy I decided to actually let you guys know (well, the people that still follow me) that I actually started to translate something! It’s a one volume LN, so … Continue reading

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Starting to remove Rokujouma’s bonuses

Hi, it’s been a while, huh? J-Novel Club finally reached vol 16 of Rokujouma, thus published the bonuses with this volume in their Premium Epub. So yeah, I removed vol 16 bonuses, and will do the same each month from … Continue reading

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Autopsy Report

Victim: Isekai Gakkyuu’s Translation. Time of Death: The autopsy revealed that the victim’s body has been left alone for approximately 3 months, so the death is estimated to be around mid-December. Cause of Death: Boredom. Note: The body of the … Continue reading

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Bad news

Hi! So yeah, like the title says, this time it’s a bad news. Here’s the thing: It’s been almost 2 weeks since I started my classes in Japan, and unfortunately(?) the level is too high. Why do I take advanced … Continue reading

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Hey! Finally have a little time, so just going to say that just like I thought I’ll be pretty busy in the next few weeks, so like I said I won’t do anything before mid-october. Also, just saying it to … Continue reading

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Oreo Tensei

Hey, it’s me! So yeah, I’m still busy, but I found this novel and it was so short I decided to translate it. It’s Oreo Tensei and it’s by the same author that 何故か学校一の美少女が休み時間の度に、ぼっちの俺に話しかけてくるんだが?(Loner and Juliet). Author got his Narou … Continue reading

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Not the next chapter

Hey, it’s been a while! So, yeah, I finished my summer job, so I’m free now!… Wait, SubaHibi is out, I’m not free at all! Anyway, unfortunately for you guys, what I said in my previous post will happen: No … Continue reading

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