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Starting to remove Rokujouma’s bonuses

Hi, it’s been a while, huh? J-Novel Club finally reached vol 16 of Rokujouma, thus published the bonuses with this volume in their Premium Epub. So yeah, I removed vol 16 bonuses, and will do the same each month from … Continue reading

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Volume 25: Toranoana – Side: Yurika

Hey guys, already been two weeks, huh? Well, sorry to say that to you, but this is probably the last SB before a few months. Yeah, that’s right, we almost did everything. Only a few are left, but they cost … Continue reading

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Volume 23: MelonBooks – Side: Sizuka

Hey guys, it’s been quite a while, huh? Well, not really my fault, you know, we didn’t have anymore SB, so couldn’t translate anything. But I did another two colourations, so if you didn’t see them, go check the Gallery. … Continue reading

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Volume 21: Melonbooks – Side:Maki

Hi! Yeah, I still don’t want to do volume 18’s SB, but I did one from volume 21! As usual, thanks to MPT for TLCing and editing!

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Translating? NO. Coloring? HELL YEAH!

Hi guys, new menu is here: The Gallery! To be honest, it’s quite long to do, so I’ll do one from time to time, but for now you can go see the first one I did here. Why this one? … Continue reading

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More Store Bonuses

Hi guys! In case you didn’t know, MPT did the store bonuses for Volume 24 and the one I couldn’t do for Volume 16, so go read them on his blog! Also, we decided to work together for the rest … Continue reading

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