Started a new project, but already droped it

Hey, how’s your summer? Not too hot?

I decided to start to translate a WN I found by chance, but unfortunately while the plot doesn’t seem bad, the author is a rather poor writer. So while it can somehow, barely pass in Japanese, when translated in English it’s even worse. Thus I decided to drop it.

And well, because I wasted my time translating it, thought I might as well post what I did as a teaser. Novel’s title is I’ve been Chosen by the Holy Sword and the Demonic Sword, What Should I Do?, and here is the page. (I did the two prologues and 3 chapters)

As for what I’ll do next, I still don’t know.

If you’re wondering why I suddenly decided to translate again, it has to do with the new button on the right. Like the older followers might know, I’m a rather big fan of Rokujouma. Unfortunately I’m not some rich guy, so can’t use that much money. Thus I decided to open donations to get money for the upcoming Kickstarter J-Novel Club will hold in two months. Highest one seems to be 5000$ to have a dinner with Takehaya, the author of the novel. I wonder if a miracle will happen and I’ll reach this sum.

Ah, and for Reader and MC, editor will finish his exams tomorrow, so should be done this month. Same for illustrations, hopefully.

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