Reader and MC – Epilogue


Well, kinda wanted to finish the thing in May, and posting it Saturday would make it June, so posting it today instead!

So, in the end, the translation took me 5 months, and was posted in a little over a month. Translation pace aside, I guess the release pace was satisfactory, but what do you think?

The only problem was the editing side, but we can’t have everything, I guess. I hope to have everything done and the epub version during June.

Talking about epub, I hope that sites doing them would be kind enough to precise (on their site, or in the epub directly, or even both) that this isn’t the final version. Final version will include edited text, translated illustrations, afterword and text formating intented for the novel (font size for some text and such). Just a little disclaimer is fine, as well as updating the version on your site when it’ll be done.

Anyway, about my next project, nothing is decided because I found a summer job, and don’t really want to use my free time to translate. But, who knows, I might still do something, we’ll see.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, but here is the epilogue. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to Reader and MC – Epilogue

  1. Anon7 says:

    I was simply waiting for its completion before fully reading it all in one good seating. As someone who has been silently watching your progress, I say good job & thank you for your hard work.

    Not many would take the time but I’d like to say that we truly appreciate all the time & effort on translating & sharing this w/ us. Working at a pace you were comfortable w/ was definitely the best way to go on it.

    Looking forward to whatever interesting/fun thing you end up choosing to work on.

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