Reader and MC – Chapter 4

Hi there!

So as usual I’m starting with how was my week and… Well, basically did nothing much with my life. So much that I actually translated 13 pages in one go 3 days ago because I thought I should at least do something productive. Went back to the 3 pages/day after that, though. Anyway, yesterday I suddenly decided I should play a game, because I didn’t for a while, and I started Fairy Fencer F : Advent Dark Force. Well, I’m only at the start, and even though I know it’s just a tropey Compile Heart game, I like the MC and Tsunako’s art, so going to continue for now. (and hope that like yesterday I won’t lose too much when the game crashes… Will save more often now)

Anyway, here is the chapter of the week. Unfortunately, no colour illustration for this chapter. The last one corresponds to the next chapter.

By the way, I forget each week, but I’m using MPT’s Discord Server to have a channel for this novel. Here it is:

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