Reader and MC – Chapter 3

Hey there, how do you do?

On my side I’m now up to date with Hyakuren and I’m waiting for volume 18. It’s a really good series, so like in my previous post I really recommend it! I actually wrote spoilers on the Animesuki Forum, but nobody reacted, so I guess the series really isn’t that popular, even more so considering the terrible anime…

Anyway, you’re here for the chapter, so here it is.

As for the title, “Nishiogi” is the short version for the “Nishiogikubo Station”. Don’t ask me why it’s in the title when there isn’t any mention of the station in the chapter, heck the name appears 2 times in the whole novel I think. But hey, to be fair, all the titles are kinda weird, so just roll with it.

Finally, colour illustration for this chapter:


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7 Responses to Reader and MC – Chapter 3

  1. exqalph03 says:

    Nice :O


  2. John Lester says:

    Yes. 😍


  3. NeoAnkara says:

    I’m glad that our taste overlap Rinvelt. People really need to read Ragnarok too.


    • Rinvelt says:

      Oh, it’s been a while! I don’t see you anymore on AS, glad to know you’re still well!
      And yeah, people need to forget the terrible anime and put their prejudice about the smartphone part aside. They don’t even know what they’re missing…


      • NeoAnkara says:

        I feel that the Rokujouma thread become more and more desolate place so I left too.

        Anyway I’ve read all available translation for Ragnarok and got to say that it is come close to my favorite. The stake on the story and emotion of the character feel really real. Too bad last volume end up in cliffhanger because I’m carving for more.


    • Rinvelt says:

      Well yeah, without weekly update the thread became dead. I guess that if you’re not interested in other threads, you don’t really have a reason to stay.

      Yeah, vol 6 ends really put one on me, so I continued with the raws. Unfortunately for you, vol 7 coming this month ends with a cliffhanger too.
      Like I said in the article, I made spoilers from vol 11 to 17 (as 7-10 are already posted in earlier pages). If you don’t want to know anything about what will happen, I don’t recommend you to read because it’ll remove the surprise. But if you really want to know what happens next, then you can take a look.

      EDIT: If you don’t want any spoiler, don’t go on the thread at all. Some people don’t use any spoiler tags, so you could be spoiled even if you don’t want to…


      • NeoAnkara says:

        Actually I have seen a pic of Mitsuki already having you know what in the future. It’s from MAL discussion I think.

        I guess some spoiler won’t hurt because it will be several week before vol 8 will start.


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