Reader and MC – Chapter 2

Hey, how was your week?

On my end, instead of continuing Maou Gakuin, I started Hyakuren no Haou to Seiyaku no Valkyria (The Master of Ragnarök & Blesser of Einherjar) and man, didn’t watch the anime but they must really have fucked it up for something so good to receive so many bad critics. I totally recommend it, though you should wait volume 8 (or 9) to be released in English if you want to avoid cliffhangers.

Anyway, you’re not here to know what I’m reading, so let’s get back to the subject. Chapter 1 is now edited, but Chapter 2 isn’t. I said to my editor he could just go at his own pace as long as everything is edited for the final epub. So just look at the right of the site to know if a chapter is edited or not.

As for the progress, you may have noticed that I finished Chapter 5 during the week. I’m trying to do at least 4 Kobo pages per day (1% is around 3 Kobo pages, so I’m doing around  1.3%/day). So yeah, should totally have finished the translation by the time chapter 5 is posted if I keep this pace.

And now, what you really want, the chapter is here.

And the colour illustration going with this chapter:


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4 Responses to Reader and MC – Chapter 2

  1. exqalph03 says:

    Nice..!!! Your progress is fast….! I think so.
    Thanks for your efforts and time! editor too.. !


  2. Dave says:

    Some small questions :3…: How many volumes overall? Have you got all of them? I’m practicing English by translating this LN, I hope you will translate till the end ❤


    • Rinvelt says:

      Like I said in my ealier posts, this a a one volume LN. I decided to not do a series but just a one volume thing to be sure I finish it (considering how easily I lose my motivation). You can look at the progress on the right side.


      • Dave says:

        Ah yes there is another LN which Hiten illuminated too, it looks like the same as this one, I think you should have a look at it (and translate it after this ends, and if you like :3)
        Sankaku No Kyori Wa Kagirinai Zero


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