Reader and MC – Chapter 1 (unedited)


So as promised, here is the next chapter. But unfortunately, it’s not edited. I thought a little and decided that while my English isn’t that good, it’s not that bad, so I’m probably going to continue to post the chapters unedited for now, and have everything edited in one go at the end for the epub release (the web version will be revised too, of course).

Still didn’t translate anything since last time to be honest. I mean, I want to finish Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha first, but man it’s taking a long time. Should finish next week though, so will restart translation then.

Also, little note: Tokiko (時子) is the name of the heroine of this story, and Tokiko (トキコ) is the name of the protagonist of “14 Years Old”.

Anyway, enjoy the chapter and the first colour illustration. (remove the w=640 part at the end to have the full resolution. Same for the other illustrations if you didn’t know)


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