50% done

Hi, people!

If a few of you actually come to look at the progression of the translation, you should have seen that I wasn’t dead. And now, I finally reached the 50% mark. Took me around two months and half. So by the power of mathematics, I should be done in another two months and half.

But I’ll start to release chapters before that. If I release a chapter per week when I reach 75-80%, which should be around the end of chapter 5, it would give me 5 weeks, which should be enough to finish the translation. Of course, if I finish earlier, then the release pace will increase.

Anyway, by that logic, I should post the Prologue + Chapter 1 in around a month, so by the end of April.

And now, it’s hint time! Here is a part of the cover, giving you the publisher.

And that’s it.

Welp, see you next month!

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