Autopsy Report

Victim: Isekai Gakkyuu’s Translation.

Time of Death: The autopsy revealed that the victim’s body has been left alone for approximately 3 months, so the death is estimated to be around mid-December.

Cause of Death: Boredom.

Note: The body of the victim shows traces of neglect for a few months before its death. It seems that close to the death of the victim, the killer tried to bring back the victim to an healthy life, but failed his attempt, thus abandonning it, leading to its death a few days after that.

Hi, everyone, it’s been a while, huh? Like a few of you may have noticed back in December, I tried to translate the next chapter for Christmas, but gave up midway. Reasons are: Isekai Gakkyuu isn’t that fun to translate; still no news about volume 3; would rather use my time for something else.

I actually didn’t really gave up the project until today to be honest. Always said to myself I could continue later, but other things to do just pile up, then today I saw the comment asking if the project was dead, I thought for a few seconds, then decided “yeah, it’s dead”.

So I became even worse than trash, because after all the times I said I won’t go back on my words and translate at least volume 1, I won’t actually do it. Guess I’m not a child anymore, I’m now a fully-fledged adult able to lie and discard his own words easily.

Anyway, thank you for reading what little I translated (a third of the book), and sorry for not continuing, mainly to the two persons who actually donated something (got just enough to buy a volume on Bookwalker).

So now, what’s next is me continuing to enjoy(?) my life, and perhaps a new project. Don’t know when, but it’ll either be a WN (because I want short chapters) or a manga to change a little.

Well then, hope we’ll be able to meet again!

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