Chapter 5 finished


So, yeah, I finished Umineko, and now I want to (FINALLY) play Tales of Berseria thanks to my new laptop, but I decided to finish the translation of chapter 5 before that. Did 34 pages in two (technically three) days, never translated so much in such a short time span.

Anyway, now is bad news time, I guess?

Like I said in a previous post, I found a summer job, so I’ll either translate really little or not at all in August. Then I’ll be busy in September too. I don’t think I said it, but I’ll study in Japan starting mid-September, so I think I’ll be rather busy around that time, until mid-October, I guess. Good thing is that my Japanese should quickly improve, so perhaps the translation speed will too when I’ll translate again.

Also talked about F/GO NA in my previous post, but didn’t give my ID. Here: 492,632,940. I’m really unlucky and I don’t play that much, so don’t expect anything from me, I’m giving it if you have good servants and want to help me. (You can also help me by giving me money to buy quartz, I guess. *runs far away*) EDIT: Stopped playing because my phone overheat way too much.

Now, about the chapter. I became more liberal, which is a good thing because it’s less stiff now. Also, I didn’t translate the titles of the works mentioned (was a pain with the different possibilities). Nothing much to say aside from the fact I wanted to stop translating many times during this chapter, you’ll know why when you read…

Anyway, here‘s the chapter, enjoy! (You should start from the beginning, it’s been a while after all)

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3 Responses to Chapter 5 finished

  1. GM_Rusaku says:

    Add me in fgo, My support will be a big help


  2. Akasvir says:



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