Isekai Gakkyuu – Chapter 4

Wow, almost a week! When you guys will see the length of the chapter, you’ll wonder why it took so long.

And here is the answer: Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm.

Finished it today, and it was quite fun. It’s a shame that each time there is a translation project it dies.

Anyway, I’ll most likely play another VN before Dies irae, so I’ll translate even less. And when you know that next chapter is 56 pages (which is about what I did), well, let’s say it’d be good if I finish it before the end of June. Might release it in parts, though.

As for the poll in the previous post, Kisshi was chosen with 58% of the votes, so Kisshi it’ll be.

Next, in this chapter, “Werewolf” is used each time, but it’s written with different kanji, so I translated the race 人狼 as “Wolfman” and the monster 狼男 as “Werewolf”.

And that’s it. Enjoy this really short chapter!

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