Isekai Gakkyuu – Chapter 3

IMPORTANT: There is a poll in this post, so even if you don’t read anything I write, please answer the poll.

Hi guys! Ten days before the date announced, here it is. And actually, I want to talk a little about that.

You see, when I began translation Isekai Gakkyuu I still had exams, so I was kinda procrastinating. But now I’m truly on vacation, so I started to read many things, and it’s difficult to stop so I can translate. In fact, I already broke my determination of a page per day when I read the Leyline Trilogy VNs (It’s really good and a translation is on the way, so play it!) and didn’t translate anything for 4 days. Made it up, as you can see by the fact I’m posting now and not the 24.

Anyway, what I want to say is that I won’t give a date anymore. I’m reading Aokana and Dies irae is coming at the end of the month, so it’ll certainly impact the translation speed.

But there is a good news: Our saviour, MPT, bought the ebook, so we now have better illustrations and I can translate more quickly! (That’s why I could make it up) So it’s less annoying to translate as I don’t have to OCR anymore. So yeah, even if I don’t translate every day, I can still release with the same speed. So don’t worry, you’ll still have your chapter.

So this means that I’m not asking for donation anymore. You can still donate (my current objective is to repay MPT), but it won’t affect the translation speed. (Unless it’s a large sum, would feel bad to not do anything in that case)

Now, about the chapter. Like said above, here is a poll for the woman knight’s nickname. Kisshi is used in this chapter. It comes from Kishi (Knight in Japanese) and it’s what is used in the Japanese version. But in English it comes a little weird, so here is a poll for you to choose her nickname:

Next chapter is really short, so let’s say it’s open until then.

The chapter is here, enjoy!

By the way, did you know that Mamoru means “To protect” in Japanese?

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2 Responses to Isekai Gakkyuu – Chapter 3

  1. elephantNo5 says:

    hmm… I decided to try reading this, and it turns out the Nyta I suggested on a whim ended up as MPT’s favorite? interesting… (I’m flattered)
    thanks for the chapter!


    • Rinvelt says:

      Yeah, purely thinking about translation, not keeping Kisshi is better, as from the reader POV the base word isn’t “Kishi” but “Knight”. Also, Kisshi doesn’t really sound femine.
      But, oh well, it seems people prefer to have the Japanese rather than a translation, so the winner will most likely be Kisshi in the end.


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