Illustrations and information


Looking at the stats, I noticed that many just clicked on the link I gave in the previous post but didn’t look at the illustrations, so if you didn’t see them, click here.

Next is about the translation speed. Like I said, I’m doing at least one page per day, but I thought you would want to know how long is the next chapter. So I decided that from now on, each time I release a chapter, I’ll give the page count of the next so that you know the LAST date possible for the release. Yep, the last, because I’m not always translating one page, sometimes I translate two, or more.

So, for example, next chapter is 11 pages, so 11 days. That means that at the latest the chapter will be out the 4th May. Of course, it can come out before this, but at least you’re sure that it’ll be out by then.

If you want the translation speed to improve, you can help by donating so that I can buy the digital raws, like said in the previous post. The thing is, though, that I discovered how functioned PayPal (they take a fee on the donation, and have huge exchange rates), so rather than 5 persons, I’ll need 10 persons to give 1€. I already received one, so nine more to go!

That’s all, have a good day!


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