New project!

Hey, it’s already been more than a month!
So, I almost finished my school year, and I decided to take up a new project as a sort of summer (yeah I know, it’s still spring) vacation project. My objective: At least one page per day.
Won’t be able to finish by September you say? Well, that’s true, but here’s the thing: I know only 600~ kanji, so I need to OCR the pages to look them up easily. But it’s a pain to OCR the pages. It’s not just using a software on a picture and you get the text, often (more like always) the text isn’t recognised correctly, so you have to check everything to be sure it’s correct. So yeah, one page can take up to one hour (OCR + TL) because of this.

That’s why I’m going to ask you guys something. Please donate a little so that I can buy the digital version. Volume 1 is 495 yen (around 4.54$/4.23€), so if 5 persons give 1$/€ it’d be possible to buy it. Thus, not having to OCR anymore, I’ll be able to translate more quickly. Also, we’ll have illustrations with a better quality.
EDIT: Actually received my first donation (Thanks Tony Thach!), and found out that Paypal take a commission fee, so it’ll take more than 5 persons to have enough. And I forgot Paypal exchange rate, so I’ll wait to have at least 7€ before trying to buy the volume. (Which means 10 persons)

Once the objective has been reached, the money will then go to volume 2 which is 638 yen (around 5.85$/5.45€). But to be honest with you, I’m not sure about translating volume 2. I’m reading as I translate, so I still don’t know if I’ll like this novel enough to translate volume 2 as well. But I guarantee volume 1 at least, as it’s my summer project.

Then any more money will mainly go to buy food. As a student, I mainly eat pasta and rice, so it’d help to add a little variety. (Mainly pizzas)

Well then, here are the Project Page and the Chapter.

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7 Responses to New project!

  1. dimlik says:

    Hello, translator!) Glad for you and your translation project as well 🙂 Sorry, but I wanted to ask you something about Kanji, that is, how difficult is this project actually? And how much do one have to know beside 600+ Kanji (grammar, particle stuff, so on…)? Thanks for your time, eagerly waiting for your answer)


  2. Ooooh~ finally got something to read


  3. beerlesshero says:

    Hello, Mr. or Mrs Translator, Im looking forward to translate this project into spanish, i hope it doesnt bother you.


    • Rinvelt says:

      Hi! Sure, no problem, though it seems you started translating a while ago. Well, as someone translating without the author agreement, my stance has always been to not complain if someone used my translation without asking me, so considering you credited me on your site and notified me, I’m quite thankful!
      Sorry for being slow, though, kinda busy with so much things to read. I’ll try to finish the current chapter by the end of this month though.
      Good luck with translating my translation, hoping not too much is lost in the process.

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      • beerlesshero says:

        You are awesome!

        I have to admit that I am a little brazen when asking for your permission after having started, I do this because I like to do it, share a new novel. The truth since I started reading you, I loved your translation. I read all the chapters in less than 20 minutes. As for the loss of content you do not have to worry, I try to attach as much as I can to the original translation, however as you know there are many terms that do not have an equivalent in Spanish


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