Volume 25: Toranoana – Side: Yurika

Hey guys, already been two weeks, huh? Well, sorry to say that to you, but this is probably the last SB before a few months. Yeah, that’s right, we almost did everything. Only a few are left, but they cost too much on Yahoo auction to buy them, so…

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As usual, thanks to MPT for TLCing, editing and providing the SB!

Volume 25 – Toranoana

Side : Yurika

Before they knew it, Yurika became the perfect freeloader, so her meals were dependent on Koutarou, the head of the household. Thanks to it, her poor eating habits were improved, and she didn’t need cup noodles and packet noodles anymore.

“… And yet, why are you buying them?”

In Room 106, there were meals in the morning, at noon and in the evening. They were made by Ruth, Kiriha, Shizuka and Harumi, but the food they shared was properly made. They maintained a nutritional balance, and the quantity was sufficient. There shouldn’t be any reason for Yurika to buy instant noodles. Nevertheless, Yurika stuffed the shopping basket with instant noodles. It was an action that Koutarou couldn’t understand.

“This and that are different!”

However, Yurika more or less had her own circumstances. That’s why she earnestly pleaded with Koutarou.

“If I don’t store enough, I can’t settle down!”

Yurika lived in the above part of the closet in Room 106. Among her tightly packed personal effects, there were also instant noodles. If she didn’t have enough instant noodles, she couldn’t settle down. She needed to have a fixed quantity or more in the interior, so to speak.

“… Is it recoil from continuing to live a poor life?”

“I’m not poor!”

“But now you have three proper meals a day, so even if you buy them there’s no need to eat them.”

“Ugh, th-that’s…”

Because she ate properly, Yurika didn’t need to buy instant noodles. The reason being, what she bought before should still be left. Yurika unintentionally fell silent from what Koutarou pointed out calmly.


“… That’s… Umm… There are many things like this, and that…”

“Talk clearly, clearly.”

“When I’m hungry, I eat them secretly, so they decrease fairly…”

“Why are you getting hungry? There’s always plenty to eat.”


That instant, Yurika quickly averted her eyes. Then sweat gradually oozed from her forehead.

Impossible, did she!?

Seeing this, Koutarou understood instantly. Then he pressed Yurika with a strict gaze and voice.

“Could it be that, when you left food because of your pickiness, you endured with instant noodles?”


“That’s it, right?”



“Sorry, sorry, I’m sorry for being born! I never had any bad intent!”

“If you had any bad intent I’d beat you!”

“Then then, is it fine to be picky?”

“No it’s not.”


Yurika’s pickiness was extreme. She especially disliked vegetables with a strong smell and a bitter taste. Celery and bitter melon were good examples, but the strongest was bell pepper which combined the two. When it appeared on the dining table, she barely ate anything. Those days, without fail, Yurika would wait until Koutarou fell asleep then eat instant noodles. Koutarou was a heavy sleeper, so he didn’t notice anything.

“Today I’ll ask Kiriha-san to stuff the meat with bell peppers.”

Koutarou put back the instant noodles from the basket on the display shelf, then he went towards the vegetable section with a firm attitude. Yurika clung half-crying to Koutarou.

“Please, forgive me! Please, anything but that, forgive me!!”


“Have mercy! At least, please overlook one cup noodle!”

“There’s no way I’ll permit it, you fool.”

That day, Yurika was made to eat meat stuffed with bell peppers at dinner. Her mouth was forcibly opened, and the stuffed meat was pushed into it.

“Satomi-san, don’t you love me!?”

“It’s because I love you. Let’s build a bright and happy future, Yurika!”

“It’s a lieeeee! It’s absolutely a lieeeee!!”

There was already no way for her to escape this fate. However, even then Yurika didn’t give up. She didn’t give up, but it was totally meaningless.

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3 Responses to Volume 25: Toranoana – Side: Yurika

  1. kai66001 says:

    Reading Rokujouma always bring a smile to my face… Thanks for making my day… ^_^


  2. Neko MK2 says:

    Reading this reminds me to old days
    Eating instant noodles because didn’t want to eat prepared food


  3. meganeshounen says:

    Super tough love.


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