Volume 23: MelonBooks – Side: Sizuka

Hey guys, it’s been quite a while, huh? Well, not really my fault, you know, we didn’t have anymore SB, so couldn’t translate anything. But I did another two colourations, so if you didn’t see them, go check the Gallery.
I also read Volume 25, and damn, it was amazing. One of the best volume. Hope you guys will survive until it’s out.

Anyway, as usual, thanks to MPT for TLCing, editing and providing the SB!

Volume 23 – MelonBooks

Side: Shizuka

If you were to talk about Shizuka, doing martial arts and being part of the Cooking Society were the features that stood out. However, that wasn’t everything that made her up. Working as a landlord, she was good at all types of housework. Her overall power might be no match for the other girls, but when it came to housework, Shizuka’s skills were clearly outstanding.

“… Satomi-kun, could you put that table here?”

“Got it, landlord-san.”

In her apron with a duster, Shizuka gave instructions to Koutarou. Then, according to her instructions, Koutarou moved the furniture. Shizuka was having a big clean of her room today. She aimed for a time when Maki, who lived with her, would be out for some event with the Cosplay Society, and was having a grand clean.

“The bottom is dusty, so I’ll wipe it while I’m at it.”

“Then use this, Satomi-kun.”

“Thank you.”

“I’ll do here… hup.”

The moment Shizuka fully displayed her talent for housework was, of course, during major clean-ups. Even though she wasn’t at the level of someone specialised in the trade, as a landlord she had gained experience through continuous cleaning, and clean even to the smaller details.

“Hum~m, hum~♪”


Shizuka continued to clean while humming. Waving the duster around, using the vacuum, wiping things with a cloth… Those were supposed to be simple jobs, but to Koutarou, it felt strangely as if she were dancing.

“Hum~♪… Huh, what is it?”

Shizuka noticed Koutarou’s gaze. Then the rhythmically moving duster and the humming stopped, and silence returned to the room.

“It’s nothing much, just that you seemed to be enjoying cleaning.”

“Enjoying…? Ah, yes, that might be true.”

Shizuka had an awareness about what Koutarou pointed out, and nodded deeply with a smile.

“You really want to make your memento, Corona House, clean, right?”

“Yeah, the same as you.”

Certainly, the Corona House was a memento from her parents. However, no matter how much consideration was in the words, you shouldn’t say it as bluntly as Koutarou. But Shizuka knew how Koutarou took care of the half knitted sweater left by his mother, so she didn’t take offence from his words and smiled gently.

“But, that’s not all, you know?”

“Is that so?”

“Mm. Because this is also everyone’s home, right?”

“I see, then I understand too.”


Originally it just started as a memento from her parents. However now that wasn’t all it was. It gained the new meaning of being the place where Shizuka’s important people were gathered. That’s why Corona House was more important than before.

“But, there is also a reason that Satomi-kun doesn’t understand.”

Then Shizuka’s smile changed. From a gentle look to a mischievous one. A special smile she only showed because she was extremely close to the other person.

“What’s that?”

Koutarou couldn’t imagine why Shizuka would smile like this. While feeling she seemed really happy, he only looked at Shizuka.

“Try thinking a little.”

“…You succeeded at a new way of cleaning?”

“Ah, that too. But other than that.”

“You like cleaning itself?”

“You may be getting a little closer.”

While saying those words, Shizuka actually took a step towards Koutarou. Her face was still the one she wore while pulling a prank. However he couldn’t sense any ill will. Shizuka was smiling really happily.

“The right answer isー”

Standing near Koutarou, Shizuka stretched slightly upwards. This brought their faces close enough to touch. Shizuka’s breath caressed Koutarou’s cheek.

“ーbecause I’m alone with the boy I love.”

Now, what are you going to do, boy?

At this instant Koutarou finally understood the meaning of Shizuka’s smile.


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    And Koutarou mind become a puddle.


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