Saratoga – Chapter 5

Hi! So, finally, here’s is the last chapter I promised. Truth to be told, I wanted to post it yesterday, but because this time there was an editor, and our time zone being different, it took one more day. But the result is far better, so everyone can thanks MystiKnight for this!
Now, about the chapter itself and my opinion about translating. First, this chapter was the longest and the most difficult chapter I had to translate. The way some sentences were worded made it impossible to translate them faithfully, and we had to change and adapt the text a little so that it fits in english. And that where my feelings about translating come. When reading someone’s translation, you’re just glad to be able to read something you couldn’t because you can’t read japanese. So even if the english is shady, the MTL took away half the meaning of the story, and they are japanese words in the text, you forgive it. But when you’re the one translating, you think differently. You want it to be clean and good. Even if you know people like to have japanese like “ja, wa, desu” in the text, you don’t want your “baby” to be so “rough”. Of course, I’m not saying it’s bad to do it. I, myself, like to know more about the characters by seeing their speach pattern. But a choice has to be made: Either you go full japanese in the text and this isn’t “clean”, or you don’t and it’s “clean”. It’s rather conflicting because despite liking to have it when I read, I find it difficult to do it myself when I’m the one translating. Perhaps the problem is that I don’t know how to make it look good, so I’m escaping from using japanese in my text? I don’t know, but seeing how much I had to think when translating made me aware how difficult and deep translation work is. You have to think ahead of just translating, you need to rewrite the story in another language while being as faithful as possible to the original. And it’s difficult if you’re not experienced enough.

I think I forgot a few things I wanted to say, and perhaps I wasn’t really clear with what I said, but I wanted to tell my personal opinion about translating. I’m not telling that some translators aren’t thinking enough, I’m pretty sure it’s me who thinks too much. That why, if possible, I would like to have the opinion of other translators about translating.

And like this come the end of my vacation, as well as my translation work. For now, I intend to learn more about japanese as well as translating process, so I don’t think I will be taking another project before a while, if not ever.
It took more than a month, and I only did 5 chapters (Without counting Dandelion), but I hope you liked my translation and the story as well.  I’m sorry for not continuing, letting you with only a teaser. But with this, perharps it will appeal to another translator who’s searching for something to translate.

That’s all. Now, finally, here is the chapter:
Translator: Rinvelt
Editor: MystiKnight

Chapter 5 – You, because you seem somewhat erotic, no.

「It’s Kirie Al’saad, I’m entering」(TL: キリエ=アルサード)

After Kirie, the boy who was one of the People of the Desert entered the room, held by soldiers on both his sides.

A long and fluffy red carpet. All sorts of luxurious furnishings were lined up alongside the wall.

This place was the office of the Count of Saratoga, Mio.

At the back was a big desk where Mio was sitting while leaning on her shoulder. In front of it was a long table with 10 seats, with four men and women sitting on the ones closest to Mio.

「Oh ho ho. Isn’t this Mio-sama’s first achievement?」

The first to open his mouth was a plump middle aged man who had also served the previous Count of Saratoga, the superintendent Bozmus. (TL: ボズムス)

「As the master of a fortress, it’s not your job to be playing guards! In the first place, Kirie! It’s your duty to stop her!」

Wearing a breastplate, the man with a big scar glared at Kirie. He had the appearance of a soldier with a long military service, and was the commander of the second unit of Saratoga’s troops, Gustave. (TL: グスターボ)

「Now, now, Lord Gustave. Mio-sama must have had a proper reason to do so」

Saying this in order to calm them was a beautiful woman with a fascinating air about her. She was likely in the middle of her twenties. Wearing a dress with a long opening revealing her chest, the purple robe she wore on top of that was proof that she was a magician.

「It’s as Shumelvi said. I have a good reason.」 (TL: シュメルヴィ)

Mio’s eyes wandered as she said this.

But, nobody retorted. They were splendid adults capable of reading the mood.

「Ahem. So, I want to discuss with everyone」

After clearing her throat once, the tone of Mio’s voice suddenly dropped.

「… What should we do about this guy?」

Even though nobody retorted, it was for nothing!

Shutting his eyes while folding his arms, with only this statement, the commander of the first army, Meshmendi, skillfully slipped off his chair. (TL: メシュメンディ)

He was rather famous for his relatively overreactions.

「As usual, isn’t it fine to exile him outside the rampart?」

「Bozmus. Think about it. This guy is a Bug. To exile him to the desert is the same as releasing him」

「In that case, isn’t it fine to kill him? At least, he would be useful as target practice for my second army」

Being a very proper reason for a soldier like Gustave, Mio couldn’t ignore it and pondered a little. Finally, she gazed at the boy and asked him a question.

「Nou, in the first place, why did you come to this Saratoga? It’s not like you had no reason, right?」

「My little sister was kidnapped by you」

While his both arms being held by the soldiers, the boy answered without faltering.

「We did? Your little sister?」

Mio lifted up one of her eyebrows.

「I heard that, yesterday, while I was gone fetching water at an oasis, my little sister was kidnapped by a Mobile Fortress」

「… I see. I understand. It seems that you misunderstood」

Mio said while sighing.

「I… misunderstood?」

「That’s right. First, our Saratoga didn’t anchor even once yesterday. Unless we stop, we can’t deploy our soldiers. The one who kidnapped your little sister was probably the one we are chasing, the Mobile Fortress 『Gergios』」

「Plea-please wait an instant. How many Mobile Fortresses are there?」

In an instant, laughter resounded through the room because of the boy’s question.

Containing her own laughter, Kirie approached the boy’s face and spoke as if scoffing at him.

「As expected, Bugs know nothing. I’ll tell you. In this country, there are currently 9 Mobile Fortresses with 9 Feudal Lords」


「Our Saratoga, in order to oppose Gergios, is chasing it. In other words, we and Gergios are the only ones in this area. It means that there are two Mobile Fortresses. We know absolutely nothing about your sister. That is to say you misunderstood, you bastard」

「Th… That」

The boy fell on his knees.

「Oh ho ho, but I don’t understand. Why did the Count of Gergios kidnap a Bug?」

「About that, I understand why~」

Saying this, Shumelvi slowly stood up, then she crouched down beside the boy who was on his knees and whispered close to his ear.

「What is your name?」

「It’s Nanashi」

The moment Nanashi looked towards Shumelvi, the large opening at her chest came into view so he looked away, flustered. None of the People of the Desert had ever seen a woman who possessed such huge things. He felt his cheeks becoming hot.

「Nanashi-kun. You people have a special power, right?」

The boy’s temple twitched. With a satisfied look, Shumelvi stared at the boy who had a tense face.

「You people can sense when a Flood will happen, right~?」

However, the color of relief spread on the boy’s face after hearing Shumelvi’s words.

A Flood was when a group of Giant Worms, whose length reached 1000 zals, moved at the same time, creating a tsunami of sand. The huge wave of sand towering up dozens of meters swallowed everything in its path. (TL: Yeah, sometimes it’s zals, sometimes meters. I don’t know if the author forgot or if it’s intended, so I’m leaving it.)

If he was asked if he can understand where and when it will happen, Nanashi’s answer would be 「I can」.

However, it was a totally normal ability for the People of the Desert. It was different from the special power the boy thought of.

「You can tell when a Flood will happen?!」

However, starting with Mio, the reactions of the people in this place were dramatic.

In the first place, the reason cities were in Mobile Fortresses in this country was because of the Floods. Everything on the path of the Flood would be swallowed by sand. In other words, Mobile Fortresses were nothing but a means to let the cities escape from the Floods.

Currently, in every Mobile Fortresses, people alternately looked out in the four directions from the top of the spire so that they could flee at full speed the instant they saw the sand rise. And yet, in the past few decades, how many Mobile Fortresses perished swallowed by a Flood?

「I can」

「… In that case, use this power for my sake. If your little sister is in Gergios, we will take you until there. 」

To those words from Mio, Gustave began to object fiercely.

「Mio-sama, don’t do it! This is a Bug. They eat scorpions, and if they have no water, they filter the urine of donkeys and drink it. You should not give permission for such an uncivilized person to be here!」

Agreeing with Gustave’s words, Kirie spoke as well.

「I’m against it too! This savage, we don’t know just when he’ll commit a crime」

「… Or so they say, but what about you, Nanashi?」

Mio said while closing one eye.

「Haa… Even if you say that, to think whether I am uncivilized or not is a question of subjectivity, so I don’t think I can judge myself…」

To Nanashi’s reply, Mio had a dumbfounded look.

「Pff… Fufu, hahahahahahahaha」

The next moment, because she couldn’t endure it anymore, Mio spat out, opened her mouth up wide and bursted into laughter.

「That’s right. Certainly, a savage wouldn’t say 『I am a savage』」



「Tell Miria to take care of Nanashi. There is no need for hospitality. It’s fine to make him do the chores」

「Mio-sama! This is…」

「This is the decision of the Count of Saratoga, Mio Lefaux Jahan」

「… As you wish」

Facing Mio’s final decision, Kirie gave up on objecting.

Satisfied with her decision, Mio looked at the people gathered in front of her.

In her field of vision, she saw Shumelvi’s charming lips pouting.

「Mio-sama~, let me take care of him instead of Miria~. I want to study the night ecology of this cute faced Bug~.」

With a small cramp in her face, Mio said:

「… You, because you seem somewhat erotic, no」

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