Chapter 4: Done

Hi! I finished the translation of chapter 4, so if you don’t care about my life, go here:

Now, if you want to know what I did the past few days, I read Oresama Teacher and Beelzebub. (+other things)

First, Beelzebub. It’s actually a reread, but damn it was fun. The power levels are bullshit, but damn the battles are good and intense. Oga and Toujou are just totally badasses. But what I like the most is the humor, and man, here nobody beats Furuichi. Seriously, without him the manga would be like, half the fun. Totally my favorite character of the manga. Anyway, you people should read it! (well, most should already have)

Now, Oresama Teacher. I think most girls should now it, so it’s mainly a message for the guys. (actually, are girls even coming to this blog?) First, don’t think it’s a mere shoujo. This manga is comedy gold. Seriously, I laughed so much reading it I can’t even count the number of ribs I broke. What’s more, there are so many fights you could almost call it a battle manga. Then come the characters. The MC, Mafuyu, isn’t your typical Shoujo MC. She’s fun, charming, badass, idiot, fun, badass, cute, idiot, hum… did I mention that she is fun, badass and idiot? Well, she is totally different that all the Shoujo MCs that you want to strangle because of how useless they are. Here Mafuyu is so loveable that it’s easy to understand why the guys would love her. Heck, even the girls would love her, because she’s BADASS. Next, come the guys. Well, it’s a Shoujo manga, so most of the characters are boys. But man they are cute. I might be straight, but damn I love them. They are so cute and idiot. You put Mafuyu and a boy together, an there you go, time to laugh!
Anyway, what I want to say is, don’t have preconceptions because it’s a shoujo. This is damm fun, and you should absolutely read it!
By the way, this is by the same author as Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, so if you know it, you should know how good the mangaka is!

And now, perhaps I will finally continue Tales of Graces f? But I have so many other things to do…

As for chapter 5, I can at least say I’ll finish it before the end of August, but don’t know if I’ll do it in parts or in one time. Comment what you would like to have.

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2 Responses to Chapter 4: Done

  1. wuhugm says:

    Oresama Teacher is mostly comedy mate~
    I read it for romance and but stayed for the comedy 😀


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