Hi! Today is a great day! I finished Isekai Tensei Mono, and the translation of Rokujouma is back! In a good mood, I did another 20% of chapter 4, so we’re now at 35%! (actually 36%) Yeah, it’s just a little, but little by little it will be complete! The only thing is that even when the chapter will be complete, being already listed as complete on NU, nobody will know…

Anyway, now that I finished Isekai Tensei Mono (Which is good! A real shame the prologue is long, if not I would have done a teaser. I hope someone will translate it for you guys, or that you can read japanese!). Now I can finally continue my Chaos playthrough of Tales of Graces f I had aside since Jun. I need to start to review for my 3rd semester as well, which will begin in September. That plus things here and there to read, so don’t have time for translation. :p

Anyway, either you wait for the full chapter, of you can read what was added in the previous post!

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