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Finally finished moving!!! I still have to clean the room and all, but now I have a new home! I’m still busy and have things to do, but I should be able to translate chapter 5 soon. Well, even if … Continue reading

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Chapter 4: Done

Hi! I finished the translation of chapter 4, so if you don’t care about my life, go here: Now, if you want to know what I did the past few days, I read Oresama Teacher and Beelzebub. (+other things) … Continue reading

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Hi! Today is a great day! I finished Isekai Tensei Mono, and the translation of Rokujouma is back! In a good mood, I did another 20% of chapter 4, so we’re now at 35%! (actually 36%) Yeah, it’s just a … Continue reading

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Saratoga – Chapter 4

EDIT 17/08: Entirely Translated EDIT: Seriously? Back when I translated Dandelion, even after translating half a chapter Novel Updates didn’t accept it, but here, I just did 15% and someone tossed it on NU without precising it was just one … Continue reading

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Saratoga’s illustrations

Hi! It’s not chapter 4, but here are two preview illustrations : EDIT: Not here! Go read chapter 3 again to see one, and wait chapter 4 for the other one!

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Saratoga’s Cover

Hi! By the way, Saratoga is getting a LN, her is the cover sample :

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