Hi! So, originally, I wanted to post chapter 3 today. But, I didn’t have much time (work + other things to read), and also I’m the type of person who lose his motivation in 3 days. Add to this that reading the next chapters of Saratoga gave me a glimpse of what’s waiting for me, that I’m new to the translation scene, and that my japanese isn’t that great to begin with, and here you go, that’s the current situation.

So, the point of this post is: I’m still alive and still plan to continue the translation, but it will be really slow and some chapters will have a lower accuracy than others. Except 1 chapter per week at best, if not, two weeks or more.

Why am I saying this to you now? I know it’s only been 4 days since chapter 2, but because I don’t know when I’ll finish chapter 3 (can’t promise, but should be this week), I wanted to say that I won’t be disappearing without warning. (I hate this, so if I want to stop translating, I’ll say it, not just disappear)

Have a good day!

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