Chapter 4 + Bad News or Good News?

EDIT 13/07: Seems that NU didn’t like that I didn’t translate much, so I translated half of the chapter. Let’s see if it’s fine this time.

14/07: So, NU still didn’t want it, so I translated the chapter entirely. You can thank NU to have made me do this. I hope the one who accept the chapters on NU see this, because it’s the full chapter this time.

Hello guys! So, I was waiting for votes to my poll, but it only got 2… So I decided to translate a chapter so that you can see it on NU and then vote, but here is the thing: Dandelion is a pain to translate. Being my first translation I’m not sure if it’s because I suck or if it’s just Dandelion being a pain to translate because of the way the characters talk. And being written in first person POV…
Anyway, I’m stopping Dandelion translation for now. So if someone wants to take over, feel free to do it.

That was the bad news, but it can be considered a good news because it means I can take another project instead.
So now it’s “recommand me a WN time”!
Things you need to know:
-Need to be short (In chapter length)
-Need to be translation friendly (Of course, you can’t know about this yourself, or you wouldn’t be here in the first place. So I’ll judge by reading a few chapters)
-Need to be fun (can be isekai, reincarnation, or whatever as long as the story is fun and entertaining) (I wanted to do Dragoon (Sevens’s author) at first, but the chapters become longer as the story continue…)

I will see what you recommand, then I’ll make a poll to choose between those that peeked my interest.

And now, the chapter 4 I did so I could post on NU and get your attention:

Aim for It, A Room Under a Roof. The Mission to Stop Living on The Street, The Fateful Interview. What, The Interviewer is The Clay Doll!?

The clay doll is sitting skillfully on a chair before me.
This situation, the first thing I thought was that it was a strange interview.
Did I end up thinking that because I only have experience with part-time jobs interview? (TLN: Actually the line “そう思ってしまうのは僕が単にアルバイト面接の経験がないからだろうか?”, so it should be negative, but previously, in chapter 1, Rin said he worked part-time jobs, so…)

“Then, may we start the interview?”
“Yes, please treat me well”

I bowed my head sociably.
After seing me, she nodded her head, then as if she needed to resolve something, she suddenly approched. (TLN: Yeah no, crappy translation as hell. Here is the line: そして何か意を決したようにグググッとがぶり寄ってくる)
Clay doll-san, it’s an outrageous intimidating air!

“This occasion, the interview will be done by the Dandelion House’s Rent Collection First Squad Leader who is, me, Araha.
Did you bring an interview ticket and an identifiant?”
“Interview ticket?”

Huh… I bend my head slightly and my face got cloudy.
What’s an interview ticket? Perhaps it’s a similar word to the punishment play I received by the master of the mansion who bought me where he made me take of my pants and used a whip and a candle on me… (TLN: Yeah, no idea. The kanji doesn’t look similar at all, neither the pronunciation, so I don’t know what’s similar)
On my face was a business smile, but were the question marks above my head visible? From Araha’s expressionless clay doll face a coercive look fell onto me.

“Is it possible that, of all things, you didn’t bring an interview ticket?”
“How could you do this! As expected of a man!”

Erasing my words forcefully, Araha approached her face with a profound look.
The feeling of oppresion is impressive, but for the money, endure… I need to endure.

“In deference to your courage there is no other way, I will interview you”
“Thank you very much”
“However, to receive and succeed the interview, there are important points”

I gulped.
As expected I’m nervous, it’s the turning point to whether or not Silk and I can stop living on the street after 102 days.
At night, robbers and strange persons often attacked us. I don’t want to live in a cardboard house under a brigde, but in a room with a roof. I want a peaceful life.

Not voicing my real intention, my whole body bacame tense because of this earnest hope. I have a feeling that my business smile stiffened and became a grimace.
Perhaps having guessed what was on my mind, Araha let out a little sigh.
It was as if she wanted to tell me to not be so scared.

“Then, I am going to tell the important points”

Then, Araha told, slowly, very meaningful words.

“First, like a zebra living calmly on the side of a river being attacked by a lion, in order to survive to take action and drown the lion, even if you are drown in my charm and resolved to die, don’t take out your penis during the interview”

I noded.

“Second, the shameless you can’t feel sexual excitement while looking at my fascinating clay body as if licking it with your lewd gaze, don’t take out and approach your penis, especially to such a noble person as me”

While making a thin smile, I noded.

“In conclusion, at once, this instant, please propose to me”
“There’s no way I’m goin’ to agree to this!”
“Just now, you clicked your tongue, right!?”
“To say such indecent things to me. You eternally in rut Devil Penis-san”
“Who’s the one who said indecent words!?”
“In that case, you pass”
“How can I pass!?”

To my reaction, Araha laughed 「Ahahaha」 without worry, and she stuck out her tongue cutely.
It’s funny for a clay doll to stick her tongue cutely, but because it’s cute it can’t be helped.
Is it alright for the interview that just began to finish with a laugh?
Huh? Where did Silk go!?

(TLN: Yeah, the second part of the chapter doesn’t make that much sense to me either, that why I didn’t want to translate it entirely)


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