Chapter 3

And here is the third chapter. I still received nothing (actually, is it even working? It’s my first time using paypal…), but I thought I could at least do a chapter to show I could still translate. But, I wonder if I suck or if the language used in Dandelion is difficult to translate…
Also, I’m working (I’m going back to work in a few minutes) so don’t expect chapter too often. And my time zone is GMT+2, if you want to know.

Now, concerning the chapter. At the end of most chapters titles, there is a “の巻” which literally means “‘s volume”. Because it doesn’t translate well, I will omit it.
Do you want to have the “end sentences” like “wa”, “desu/nodesu”, etc…? Until now I didn’t put them, so i’m asking you now. Perhaps I will make a poll later.
Also, just so you know, Rin use “Boku”, Silk “Uchi” and the clay doll “Watakushi” to refer to themselves. Just thought that, perhaps, you’ll want to know.


The Loli Baba is Still Young!? This Rope is Very Charming


“*Sob*, So-so-sorry. This abuse is very hot, moxibustion play is a no no, I’m sorry!” (TLN: Moxibustion is acupuncture with heat)

“Hmph! Be thankful it only end with moxibustion on your forehead. Be thankful, thankful, really thankful, although it would be fine if you burn out together with the moxibustion”

“*sob”, Nii-sama! This clay doll is really scary!”

Right now, in front of the entrance of the Dandelion House, a big punishment was given.

Silk, who was wrapped around by a rope and seized by the nape of her neck by the clay doll, was sobbing while smoke rose from her forehead and her bottom. Hey, it seems very hot.

The clay doll and the being roasted God of pover… No, God of Extreme Poverty.

It’s really ridiculous.

“Stop heatin’ my butt! Stop such a shame play! I lived for 600 years, I am an ancient and honorable God of Extreme Poverty. My cute bottom and small forehead are only for my worthless Nii-sama”

“Fufufu… To be only 600 and call you ancient is nothing compared to me. In my case, after falling asleep and hibernating, before I knew it I was buried in the ground for 2000 years. When the landlord of the Dandelion House came to construct it and dug around, he discovered me by chance and saved me… Somehow, tears are escaping… *sob sob*” (TLN: I still don’t know if the landlord his a man or a woman, so for now I’m using “He”)

The clay doll who gave the tragic moxibustion gleefully to Silk began to shed tears.

Seeing from the side, it might be really vicious tears.

Bein’ moved ain’t good! Even if I say this, being passionately tied by a rope… Isn’t it a turtle shell bondage, Silk… It’s a little erotic.

It would go well with three bowls of rice.

To help Silk who showed hints of being angry and desired to escape, I said:

“That fellow coolly trick men, because she’s a Loli Baba, please discipline her”

To me who nod vaguely, Silk who is thinking 『What are you saying!?』 is glaring at me.

After all, Silk’s appearance… is fascinating.

The clay doll agreed to my words. You, aren’t you a simple person!?

I wonder if she will learn her lesson.

Receiving the piercing gaze of Silk who is one-sidedly done by the clay doll, I raised my heavy waist.



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5 Responses to Chapter 3

  1. Darkaeluz says:

    Thanks for the chapter!! that’s a good translation! as for the donations… sorry I can’t help you with that, I’m poor after all, and they will naturally come as the translation becomes more popular, like a vicious cycle, the more popular, the more they want you to translate, the more eager they are to donate, but the story is just starting so donations for new chapters at this point is difficult, the readers must first get hooked on the story, who knows, if your translations becomes good enough you could live from it (maybe some already do this) so don’t fret over it and keep going! like in the cultivation world, sadly nothing comes easy in this world… on another thing, I think the end sentences would be helpful as they help better represent the characters and their personalities so showing it should not be bad.

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    • Rinvelt says:

      Thanks, even though I don’t think my translation is that good. But at least, it’s better than MTL, or should be. (I didn’t study japanese 1 year for nothing)
      As for the donations, don’t worry. I just wanted to be honest and tell to everyone I’m not doing it from my good heart, but rather to take back what I lost. People can call me whatever they want for that, but I wanted, at least, to not lie about my objectif and stop without notice once my goal was attained.

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  2. lygarx says:

    I am a bit confused


  3. GM_Rusaku says:

    ………..γ ̄ヽ………Thanks!…………
    …….r’-‘| O |…~……..Nepu!!……..
    …………| ,|……~…….(´・ω・`)……..
    ……..,,-/ ̄|、…………O旦と )……..


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