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Chapter 3 + Bad News

Hi! So yeah, I didn’t promise, but I did say I would finish it this week, so I did it. Now is the important message: Saratoga won’t become a full project. But well, I translated the first 5 titles in … Continue reading

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Hi! So, originally, I wanted to post chapter 3 today. But, I didn’t have much time (work + other things to read), and also I’m the type of person who lose his motivation in 3 days. Add to this that … Continue reading

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Saratoga – Chapter 2

Hi! So yeah, “already” another chapter. It was my rest day, so don’t expect a release everyday. But the good thing his I found a way to translate without being frustrated. I just do something, then translate a few lines, … Continue reading

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Teaser – Saratoga

Hi guys! So, nobody cared to propose a new novel to translate (besides GM_Rasaku), so I began to read 異世界転生モノ。一兆人目の死者の俺は神様からチートをやるよと言われ、幼馴染を要求した (Isekai Tensei Mono. Icchouninme no Shisha no Ore wa Kamisama Kara Cheat wo Yaruyo to Iware, Osananajimi wo Youkyuushita – … Continue reading

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Chapter 4 + Bad News or Good News?

EDIT 13/07: Seems that NU didn’t like that I didn’t translate much, so I translated half of the chapter. Let’s see if it’s fine this time. 14/07: So, NU still didn’t want it, so I translated the chapter entirely. You … Continue reading

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Don’t want to register just to make a poll, so here: Fell free to comment about your choice.

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Chapter 3

And here is the third chapter. I still received nothing (actually, is it even working? It’s my first time using paypal…), but I thought I could at least do a chapter to show I could still translate. But, I wonder … Continue reading

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