Chapter 2

Meeting With a Resident? Concerning the Blue Sky and the Tiny Nipples’ Case


We waited for one hour under the blazing sun shining down on us with a smile.

Silk shook the cuff of my clothes and looked up at me with upturned eyes.

“Uu, Nii-sama. I’m very hungry and thirsty. Is it fine if I take a sip of water from that paddy field, catch frogs and banquet?”

Because she appealed to me with her damp transparent eyes, I nodded.

“Gubu, I love the reasonable Nii-sama! Then I love bananas and mandarin oranges… Ah, if you have a single banana with two mandarins it reminds you of the male symbol, it’s erotic. Nii-sama is super perverted”

“Ya’re the damn pervert!”

“Thus, I’ll dive in the rice field. Here, Nii-sama, please look after my clothes. I didn’t change clothes for approximately one month, so the smell should be strong. It’s fine if you sniff it”

Without minding her surrounding, Silk quickly took her clothes and underwear off.

Hey hey, don’t undress without a care, I would like if you were a little careful; I ended up thinking in a corner of my head.

By the way, a flat chest was exposed before me.

“Wait a minute, you over there! What are you doing in front of someone’s house!?”

A high-pitched voice.

I turned my head and unintentionally leaked a “Ah” with a dumbfounded voice.

A clay doll was standing.

With two very skillful legs.

“I’ll ask again. What are you doing in front of my house?”

A really suspicious clay doll approached with a dangerous atmosphere.

“Umu umu, what were we doing. It’s a difficult problem, Akechi-kun. But this Silk will kindly explain it to you in a manner that even an idiot would understand” (TLN: Kogoro Akechi, the private detective created by Edogawa Ranpo)

“Treating me like an idiot…”

Hey, Silk! It’s rude towards the eccentric(clay doll) you’re meeting for the first time! Haa, I can see a blue vein on the clay doll forehead.

“I was threatened by the Nii-sama over here 『Dehehe, I’ll give you chocolate, so show me the small pink buttons on your chest』 and unwillingly exposed my naked body. If there is anything, it’s all Nii-sama’s fault”

“Wh-wha-what? To do this and that kind of things to such a lovely blood-related little sister… I should hand you over to the police immediately. I will paint this damn lolicon whole body, then I will parade in the city with his head on a spike after having beheaded him”

“Now now, to say that I’m lovely is embarrassing”

“You liar, Silk! It’s not the time to feel  embarrassed! Correct it!”

“Mumumu. Hmm, would it have been better if I said you turned my nipples?”

“I didn’t turn ’em… Haa, Clay Doll-san, more than bad temper, please don’t skillfully touch your smartphone with that coercive attitude”

Since I arrived to the Dandelion House enshrined in the center of the tranquil countryside, I was busy to the point I didn’t have the time to take a deep breath.

To the present me, it might be well-matched.

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