03/09: Currently translating Chou! Isekai Gakkyuu!! at a very slow past because I’m really busy. Chapter should be released around end of Ocotober, and pace should improve after that.

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Oreo Tensei

Hey, it’s me! So yeah, I’m still busy, but I found this novel and it was so short I decided to translate it. It’s Oreo Tensei and it’s by the same author that 何故か学校一の美少女が休み時間の度に、ぼっちの俺に話しかけてくるんだが?(Loner and Juliet). Author got his Narou account deleted because he used a net cafe. Someone did a violation, and being the same IP his account was deleted. Found his twitter then his past works on Kakuyomu, and I decided that something as genius ridiculous as this should be translated!

Anyway, here is the page: https://rinveltsou.wordpress.com/oreo-tensei/

Japan soon! Actually thinking about getting a VPN, as I don’t think I should publish translations of copyrighted works while in Japan… So if you guys have a little money to spare, it’d be nice! (if not, don’t worry, I’m waiting for my scholarship before getting one)

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Not the next chapter

Hey, it’s been a while!

So, yeah, I finished my summer job, so I’m free now!… Wait, SubaHibi is out, I’m not free at all! Anyway, unfortunately for you guys, what I said in my previous post will happen: No release before at least the end of October. Why? Because I decided to do the entire chapter rather than releasing it in parts like the previous one. Releasing in parts is fine when updated often, but with my pace it’s not, so I think it’s better to release the entire chapter. Chapter being 50 pages long and me being really busy (as in, not doing something else like playing or reading) starting from September 9th until at least mid-October (I think, time to adapt to life in Japan and university), I don’t think I’ll be able to release it before at least the end of October.

I might do a post when I arrive in Japan because I think I’ll be too excited to not say anything about it.

So see you at the end of the month!

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Chapter 5 finished


So, yeah, I finished Umineko, and now I want to (FINALLY) play Tales of Berseria thanks to my new laptop, but I decided to finish the translation of chapter 5 before that. Did 34 pages in two (technically three) days, never translated so much in such a short time span.

Anyway, now is bad news time, I guess?

Like I said in a previous post, I found a summer job, so I’ll either translate really little or not at all in August. Then I’ll be busy in September too. I don’t think I said it, but I’ll study in Japan starting mid-September, so I think I’ll be rather busy around that time, until mid-October, I guess. Good thing is that my Japanese should quickly improve, so perhaps the translation speed will too when I’ll translate again.

Also talked about F/GO NA in my previous post, but didn’t give my ID. Here: 492,632,940. I’m really unlucky and I don’t play that much, so don’t expect anything from me, I’m giving it if you have good servants and want to help me. (You can also help me by giving me money to buy quartz, I guess. *runs far away*) EDIT: Stopped playing because my phone overheat way too much.

Now, about the chapter. I became more liberal, which is a good thing because it’s less stiff now. Also, I didn’t translate the titles of the works mentioned (was a pain with the different possibilities). Nothing much to say aside from the fact I wanted to stop translating many times during this chapter, you’ll know why when you read…

Anyway, here‘s the chapter, enjoy! (You should start from the beginning, it’s been a while after all)

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Still alive

Just a quick update to say I’m still alive and all, just that I started Umineko and it’s freaking long (just started episode 4).

Also bought a new PC, so I’ll finally be able to play a few games I wanted but couldn’t because of my old PC, but I’ll try to translate before that. After all, I’m working in August, so I at least want to finish the chapter before that.

Started to play Fate/Grand Order too. Luck isn’t with me, though.

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Chapter 5 – Part 2

Quick post. Part 2 is done, took me quite a while because: Dies irae, didn’t want to translate, moving pack to my parents’ house, didn’t want to translate, reading Gin’iro, Haruka, didn’t want to translate, and also because I didn’t want to translate.
So to sum up, I don’t want to translate, it takes so much time and I have so much things to do! T_T
What’s more I found a summer job for August, so I’ll have even less time.

I’m not stopping the translation (even though I’d like to) because I said I’d do it. Just that it’s not a summer project anymore, it’s my objective. So yeah, might take me a year to translate it, but at least I’ll do it, I said it after all, and the only good thing about me is that I do what I say. (that’s why I usually avoid saying too much, shouldn’t have said I’ll translate the entire volume…)

Anyway, the part start at “A few hours later.”. Here is the page of chapter 5.

I still don’t know if I’ll do another part or finish the chapter first, but I’ll at least try to finish the chapter before August. (as lazy as I am, with so much time 34 pages should be totally possible)

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Isekai Gakkyuu – Chapter 5, part 1

Hi! Well, to be honest I’ve been playing many VNs (and I’m still doing it), but I received a nice donation from Tony Thach (Thanks again!), so I translated the first part (10 pages) of the chapter today!

Here it is, enjoy!

Don’t know when the next part (12 pages) is coming, though. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (Dies irae soon)

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Isekai Gakkyuu – Chapter 4

Wow, almost a week! When you guys will see the length of the chapter, you’ll wonder why it took so long.

And here is the answer: Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm.

Finished it today, and it was quite fun. It’s a shame that each time there is a translation project it dies.

Anyway, I’ll most likely play another VN before Dies irae, so I’ll translate even less. And when you know that next chapter is 56 pages (which is about what I did), well, let’s say it’d be good if I finish it before the end of June. Might release it in parts, though.

As for the poll in the previous post, Kisshi was chosen with 58% of the votes, so Kisshi it’ll be.

Next, in this chapter, “Werewolf” is used each time, but it’s written with different kanji, so I translated the race 人狼 as “Wolfman” and the monster 狼男 as “Werewolf”.

And that’s it. Enjoy this really short chapter!

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Isekai Gakkyuu – Chapter 3

IMPORTANT: There is a poll in this post, so even if you don’t read anything I write, please answer the poll.

Hi guys! Ten days before the date announced, here it is. And actually, I want to talk a little about that.

You see, when I began translation Isekai Gakkyuu I still had exams, so I was kinda procrastinating. But now I’m truly on vacation, so I started to read many things, and it’s difficult to stop so I can translate. In fact, I already broke my determination of a page per day when I read the Leyline Trilogy VNs (It’s really good and a translation is on the way, so play it!) and didn’t translate anything for 4 days. Made it up, as you can see by the fact I’m posting now and not the 24.

Anyway, what I want to say is that I won’t give a date anymore. I’m reading Aokana and Dies irae is coming at the end of the month, so it’ll certainly impact the translation speed.

But there is a good news: Our saviour, MPT, bought the ebook, so we now have better illustrations and I can translate more quickly! (That’s why I could make it up) So it’s less annoying to translate as I don’t have to OCR anymore. So yeah, even if I don’t translate every day, I can still release with the same speed. So don’t worry, you’ll still have your chapter.

So this means that I’m not asking for donation anymore. You can still donate (my current objective is to repay MPT), but it won’t affect the translation speed. (Unless it’s a large sum, would feel bad to not do anything in that case)

Now, about the chapter. Like said above, here is a poll for the woman knight’s nickname. Kisshi is used in this chapter. It comes from Kishi (Knight in Japanese) and it’s what is used in the Japanese version. But in English it comes a little weird, so here is a poll for you to choose her nickname:


Next chapter is really short, so let’s say it’s open until then.

The chapter is here, enjoy!

By the way, did you know that Mamoru means “To protect” in Japanese?

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Isekai Gakkyuu!! – Chapter 2

Hi guys!
Actually, I have a few tests coming this week so I decided to hurry to translate this chapter to have less things to do. So yeah, this week I’ll most likely translate only one or two pages per day. The next chapter is 24 pages, so the latest it’ll be out is the 24th May.

As usual, if you want the translation speed to improve, help to buy the digital raws by donating. Still only received one, so I guess nobody’s really interested about the story. Well, I guess it’s normal, as it’s just the start.

Anyway, here it is, enjoy!

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Illustrations and information


Looking at the stats, I noticed that many just clicked on the link I gave in the previous post but didn’t look at the illustrations, so if you didn’t see them, click here.

Next is about the translation speed. Like I said, I’m doing at least one page per day, but I thought you would want to know how long is the next chapter. So I decided that from now on, each time I release a chapter, I’ll give the page count of the next so that you know the LAST date possible for the release. Yep, the last, because I’m not always translating one page, sometimes I translate two, or more.

So, for example, next chapter is 11 pages, so 11 days. That means that at the latest the chapter will be out the 4th May. Of course, it can come out before this, but at least you’re sure that it’ll be out by then.

If you want the translation speed to improve, you can help by donating so that I can buy the digital raws, like said in the previous post. The thing is, though, that I discovered how functioned PayPal (they take a fee on the donation, and have huge exchange rates), so rather than 5 persons, I’ll need 10 persons to give 1€. I already received one, so nine more to go!

That’s all, have a good day!


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