Afterword + Translated illustrations

Happy New Year!

It’s a been a while, huh.

First, I’d like to apologise for not being able to provide the entire volume edited with a nice epub going with it. Everything should have been done in June, but my editor got life problems and I waited for him. Then after a few months I decided to just find another one, and after editing just one chapter he got life problems too, so I started to think I was cursed. Then my first editor came back around December and said he would finish everything, but he disappeared after editing one page, so I might really be cursed…

Anyway, I just can’t care anymore about this, so I decided to post the translated illustrations as well as the afterword and be done with it. The first 4 chapters are somehow edited, but not the rest. I also added chapter title pics to each chapter.

I didn’t make an epub, but I hope that sites who did one make a new one with edited chapters and translated illustrations if possible. Also, if you care enough, make the font of the citations (from 14 Years Old) smaller and use indentations at each new paragraph to make it as clean as possible. (of course I’m not forcing you, heck don’t even know if someone will make an epub out of it)

Also, I probably won’t translate anything anymore. Reason being I might have found a translator job (in French), so I can’t really do fan translation anymore.

And that’s it.

Here are the Illustrations and Afterword.

Thanks to Frozen for his work on the illustrations.

Didn’t do much, but I’m glad people enjoyed my works.

Good bye.

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Started a new project, but already droped it

Hey, how’s your summer? Not too hot?

I decided to start to translate a WN I found by chance, but unfortunately while the plot doesn’t seem bad, the author is a rather poor writer. So while it can somehow, barely pass in Japanese, when translated in English it’s even worse. Thus I decided to drop it.

And well, because I wasted my time translating it, thought I might as well post what I did as a teaser. Novel’s title is I’ve been Chosen by the Holy Sword and the Demonic Sword, What Should I Do?, and here is the page. (I did the two prologues and 3 chapters)

As for what I’ll do next, I still don’t know.

If you’re wondering why I suddenly decided to translate again, it has to do with the new button on the right. Like the older followers might know, I’m a rather big fan of Rokujouma. Unfortunately I’m not some rich guy, so can’t use that much money. Thus I decided to open donations to get money for the upcoming Kickstarter J-Novel Club will hold in two months. Highest one seems to be 5000$ to have a dinner with Takehaya, the author of the novel. I wonder if a miracle will happen and I’ll reach this sum.

Ah, and for Reader and MC, editor will finish his exams tomorrow, so should be done this month. Same for illustrations, hopefully.

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Reader and MC – Kakuyomu After Story

Hi there, been a while, huh?

Unfortunately, still no final version because editor is still in exams hell. He did Chapter 2, though, so I changed it.

Now, back to this surprise release. I found by chance that the author had a page for another novel on Kakuyomu, and he posted the whole volume of Reader and MC as well as an After Story and a few cross-over chapters between the novels.

The other novel is Sankaku no Kyori wa Kagirinai Zero (also illustrated by Hiten). Story happens in the same school, the year after Reader and MC story. So yes, the characters appear inside too. Mainly Sudou, she’s a rather important character apparently (having multiple illustrations) and it seems that there is some progress in her relationship with Shuuji.

It made me even more interested in the novel than I was before. I’m still hesitating to read it right now, considering I’ll have to wait for each new volume each time, but I’ll probably end up reading it.

For the translation, someone started it a month ago (and nothing new since then) here. If he never continues then I know someone else who is interested by the project, but if he doesn’t I might translate it then.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Here is the After Story of our little couple. Enjoy.

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Reader and MC – Epilogue


Well, kinda wanted to finish the thing in May, and posting it Saturday would make it June, so posting it today instead!

So, in the end, the translation took me 5 months, and was posted in a little over a month. Translation pace aside, I guess the release pace was satisfactory, but what do you think?

The only problem was the editing side, but we can’t have everything, I guess. I hope to have everything done and the epub version during June.

Talking about epub, I hope that sites doing them would be kind enough to precise (on their site, or in the epub directly, or even both) that this isn’t the final version. Final version will include edited text, translated illustrations, afterword and text formating intented for the novel (font size for some text and such). Just a little disclaimer is fine, as well as updating the version on your site when it’ll be done.

Anyway, about my next project, nothing is decided because I found a summer job, and don’t really want to use my free time to translate. But, who knows, I might still do something, we’ll see.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, but here is the epilogue. Enjoy!

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Reader and MC – Chapter 6

Hey there!

Nothing much happened since last time, or so I’d like to say, but I actually fell into the abyss. Yeah, I became addicted to Bandori (BanG Dream! Girls Band Party) on smartphone. It’s a really nice rhythm game and you can easily pass hours on it. The original songs are nice, and they do some opening covers, so check it out if you can!

As for editing, I think we all saw it coming: nothing was done. In fact didn’t receive a word from my editor since then… Guess I’ll give up the final Epub version for this month.

And now, here is the longest chapter of the volume, as well as pretty much the conclusion to our characters problem. Hope you enjoy it.

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Reader and MC – Chapter 5

Hey there!

So, the usual, what happened this week: Stopped Fairy Fencer and read The Most Forbidden Love in the World (VN). It wasn’t as good as some reviews made me hope, but it wasn’t bad. Then a friend of mine who loves fantasy novels asked me to read his favourite fantasy cycle The Belgariad and The Malloreon which he was rereading. To be honest, aside from the Harry Potter novels and Artemis Fowl (and books for school) I only read Japanese stuff, so I thought it would be a good occasion to try something else (and read something in French, because I really need to read more French if I want to be a translator in my own country). I’m still reading volume 2 and must say I don’t see much appeal to it, but it’s not boring either, so will continue believing my friend who likes these novels so much.

Anyway, back to the novel who interest you guys. I’m going to finish Chapter 6 today, and as Chapter 5 is pretty short, I’ll publish Chapter 6 Wednesday instead of next Saturday, which will be the Epilogue. My editor said he’ll try to edit again starting today and try to finish the volume before June, but with all his exams he might not manage. Let’s wish him good luck.

Everything said, here is the chapter.

And here is the colour for the chapter:


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Reader and MC – Chapter 4

Hi there!

So as usual I’m starting with how was my week and… Well, basically did nothing much with my life. So much that I actually translated 13 pages in one go 3 days ago because I thought I should at least do something productive. Went back to the 3 pages/day after that, though. Anyway, yesterday I suddenly decided I should play a game, because I didn’t for a while, and I started Fairy Fencer F : Advent Dark Force. Well, I’m only at the start, and even though I know it’s just a tropey Compile Heart game, I like the MC and Tsunako’s art, so going to continue for now. (and hope that like yesterday I won’t lose too much when the game crashes… Will save more often now)

Anyway, here is the chapter of the week. Unfortunately, no colour illustration for this chapter. The last one corresponds to the next chapter.

By the way, I forget each week, but I’m using MPT’s Discord Server to have a channel for this novel. Here it is:

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Reader and MC – Chapter 3

Hey there, how do you do?

On my side I’m now up to date with Hyakuren and I’m waiting for volume 18. It’s a really good series, so like in my previous post I really recommend it! I actually wrote spoilers on the Animesuki Forum, but nobody reacted, so I guess the series really isn’t that popular, even more so considering the terrible anime…

Anyway, you’re here for the chapter, so here it is.

As for the title, “Nishiogi” is the short version for the “Nishiogikubo Station”. Don’t ask me why it’s in the title when there isn’t any mention of the station in the chapter, heck the name appears 2 times in the whole novel I think. But hey, to be fair, all the titles are kinda weird, so just roll with it.

Finally, colour illustration for this chapter:


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Reader and MC – Chapter 2

Hey, how was your week?

On my end, instead of continuing Maou Gakuin, I started Hyakuren no Haou to Seiyaku no Valkyria (The Master of Ragnarök & Blesser of Einherjar) and man, didn’t watch the anime but they must really have fucked it up for something so good to receive so many bad critics. I totally recommend it, though you should wait volume 8 (or 9) to be released in English if you want to avoid cliffhangers.

Anyway, you’re not here to know what I’m reading, so let’s get back to the subject. Chapter 1 is now edited, but Chapter 2 isn’t. I said to my editor he could just go at his own pace as long as everything is edited for the final epub. So just look at the right of the site to know if a chapter is edited or not.

As for the progress, you may have noticed that I finished Chapter 5 during the week. I’m trying to do at least 4 Kobo pages per day (1% is around 3 Kobo pages, so I’m doing around  1.3%/day). So yeah, should totally have finished the translation by the time chapter 5 is posted if I keep this pace.

And now, what you really want, the chapter is here.

And the colour illustration going with this chapter:


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Reader and MC – Chapter 1 (unedited)


So as promised, here is the next chapter. But unfortunately, it’s not edited. I thought a little and decided that while my English isn’t that good, it’s not that bad, so I’m probably going to continue to post the chapters unedited for now, and have everything edited in one go at the end for the epub release (the web version will be revised too, of course).

Still didn’t translate anything since last time to be honest. I mean, I want to finish Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha first, but man it’s taking a long time. Should finish next week though, so will restart translation then.

Also, little note: Tokiko (時子) is the name of the heroine of this story, and Tokiko (トキコ) is the name of the protagonist of “14 Years Old”.

Anyway, enjoy the chapter and the first colour illustration. (remove the w=640 part at the end to have the full resolution. Same for the other illustrations if you didn’t know)


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